Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 7 of 365

Finally got my car back today so I could make a run to the grocery store, the drug store, Staples, and of course, physical therapy.

The rheumatologist is starting me on some new injectable medication since my Methotrexate isn't doing the trick. I have to give myself shots weekly of this medication. Unfortunately, a couple of the possible side effects aren't pretty. I could get TB or lymphoma. In fact, I had to have a TB test and chest XRAY before being prescribed the medication.

I'm not thrilled about taking this new medication, but I'm getting in the desperate phase. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a little over a year ago. I knew I had a more general type of inflammatory arthritis several years back and was taking medication for that. However, with this newer diagnosis came more aggressive treatments. I've had blood work monthly, testing my inflammation level (among other things) and my numbers have always been high no matter what medication I've been taking. As the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis have increased over the last few months - the stiffness, the pain, the swelling of the joints - it's become clear we do need to take a different course of action.

In prepping to take it, the rheumatologist's office gave me information about getting some help with prescription costs because it's a pricey medicine. 

I picked up this new medication at the drug store today. Thank goodness I qualified for the prescription assistance. For one month of this medication it cost $2057.09. One month. Four shots. Can cause TB or lymphoma. Over $2000. I'm in shock. Such shock I don't even know what to say about that right now.

On a happier note, I also made a trip to Staples for some rebate items. I spent $38.12 on two packs of 500 sheet copy paper, one pack of 500 sheet bright colored paper, and two packs of pull and seal 100 count envelopes:

Total cost was $38.12. I can submit easy rebates for all five items. After rebate the copy paper is $1 per pack, the bright colored paper is $3 per pack, and the envelopes are free. $5 (plus tax) for $38.12 worth of supplies. Not bad.

And a better deal than injectable arthritis medicine.