Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 6 of 365

I have a TV in my sewing room and sometimes it's on and sometimes it's not. I think I'm watching too much TV right now, though. Entertainment news channels, CNN, and even NBC, CBS, and ABC have been running all this about Charlie Sheen right now. And then all the comics reaction to his rantings and ravings. And then the other comics doing impersonations of his rantings and ravings. When does it stop? Yes, I could turn the channel, but then I wind up seeing it on some other channel. Or, running into one of the Real Housewives shows. Is there anything left to watch?

Marcus Welby at 9 AM everyday - I am there. I just started watching Glee a few weeks ago. But my absolute favorite is The Office. Funniest show I've ever seen. (But I also said that about "Whose Line is it Anyway?" when it was on.) I began watching The Office when I was recovering from knee replacement surgery last year, but thanks to reruns (and now my own personal collection of every season) I'm all caught up. I heard today that they just wrapped filming on Steve Carrell's final episode. I'm interested in seeing where the show goes without him.

Even though I complain about TV, I really don't pay all that much attention to it - it's usually just noise in the background. Today I started working on a quilt to send to "Calling All Angels", a very sad but inspiring story. They need the quilts by the end of March, so I'm going to have to give up the Charlie Sheen story and get myself moving. I accomplished quite a bit today on the girl's quilt. I have the individual blocks together, but now need to put the rows together and go from there.