Thursday, February 23, 2023

How to Make Your Own Quilted St. Patrick's Day Coasters - a DIY Shamrock Scrap Fabric Project

In today's tutorial we will learn how to make our own quilted St Patrick's Day Coasters. This is an easy and simple way to use up those fabric scraps! Great for beginners, too.

quilted st patricks day shamrock coasters

 For this project you will need:

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Otherwise, join us as we make these cute St. Patrick's Day coasters!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Disembarkation Day

When I woke up we were already docked in San Francisco with a spectacular sunrise appearing out the door. Thankfully we weren’t in much of a hurry and I was able to be patient enough to see the sun pop over the horizon.

After a leisurely breakfast and some goodbye hugs, we took a taxi to the airport where we sat until our 4:40 flight. We both took little naps in the airport and on the plane (dang those pain meds) and before we knew it we were in Boise. Thankfully we drove to the airport this time so we could get ourselves to Walmart's pharmacy on the very last night they were open until 9. Reduced hours from now on, they say.

As to whether I can travel solo all summer? Guess I have some work (and healing) to do before I’m in a good enough position to decide.

Friday, February 10, 2023

A Couple Sucky Sea Days

Sea Day 1 started here:

Here, in the shower. But more specifically, here on the shower floor. See that little bath mat? See all those marble tiles on the shower floor not covered by the bath mat? Did you know even a tiny bit of soap from your body + a tiny bit of your foot off the tiny little floor mat will make you slip? Slip and fall hard? Oh, yeah. And that water that went every where on the marble bathroom will make it impossible to get up on your own without slipping again? See that red pull cord? You’ll then have to pull it for someone from the ship to come help you. You’ll be naked and wet and embarrassed beyond belief. 

And then you’ll wind up filling out one of these…

And you’ll wind up here with an IV of pain medicine in your arms and pills to pop…

while you are interviewed by a male security officer who asks questions requiring you to share the most intimate details of exactly which body part you were washing when it happened. (And “privates” wasn’t a specific enough answer for him.)

So plenty of ice and pills and more pills has laid me up for two full sea days. No leaving the cabin but for medical appointment. At least the view from my bed on both days were good ones. 

There have been a couple crew members who have been helpful during this time, but otherwise I’ve been caught up in a quagmire of excuses and inaction by other personnel that has left me questioning whether I really want to spend 120 days on another Princess ship this summer. It has been a disappointing and frustrating experience. Let’s hope things get better! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Until Next Time, Cabo

For our last cruise port of Cabo San Lucas I was so very tired I did hardly anything but sleep. Could be my new medications, a stamina issue (vacationing is hard work!), or inconsistent caffeine intake. Or it could be because my days start early on the ship. 

As usual, I was up before sunrise…
and watched as the sun just made its way over the horizon.
Headed to breakfast in Sabatini's for their 7 am opening. (They open at 7:30 on sea days.) Had a bit of food and came right back to the cabin and fell asleep. Woke up at lunch, dealt with a little bit of work stuff, and fell back asleep. And awoke in the afternoon to this view out the door. 
I did force myself to stay awake as we left port before sunset…
and for the whale watching as we made our way out of the area. See you next winter, Cabo!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Searching for Joy in Mazatlan, Mexico

Hello from Mazatlan!

It was almost exactly three years ago on February 18, 2020, when I was last in Mazatlan. We had a day full of conversation and laughter and food and drink. And Jell-O shots and balloon hats. And joy. Pure joy. Life was carefree and fun, and I have a picture to prove it.
A face full of happiness in 2020

Then then the joy was no more. Mazatlan wound up being the last cruise port we visited before Covid shut the industry down. And sent us into our homes. Unfortunately, hubby and I never came back out and have been locked away from the world ever since. Shopping at the mall or grocery store? Amazon and Walmart grocery delivery takes care of that for us. Haircuts? Nope. I use the hair clippers to cut us both short. Going to the movies? Thanks to Netflix we’re just fine in front of our tv. Eating out in restaurants? Not until this week. Which makes this cruise our comeback tour and today's visit to Mazatlan our search-for-joy (and normalcy) day.

In the pre-pandemic years we did a lot of different things in Mazatlan. You can find that blog post here. But today we went to the place that kept us going through Covid, The Green Bar. It was the place we had held in our minds as the best last day we ever had. So today we ate, drank, had some Jell-O shots, and even got balloon hats.

While I think hubby found his joy, I struggled to find mine. Even though I left my assistant in charge of the business, a customer issue came up that needed my attention. (Can't have too much fun - or drink - when you’re trying to remain clear headed and professional!) Even after the issue was resolved I realized my mind - and old lady body - is just in a different place than it was back then. Hopefully the carefree joy will return someday. 

Guess today just wasn’t the day.
Still searching for joy in 2023