Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Until Next Time, Cabo

For our last cruise port of Cabo San Lucas I was so very tired I did hardly anything but sleep. Could be my new medications, a stamina issue (vacationing is hard work!), or inconsistent caffeine intake. Or it could be because my days start early on the ship. 

As usual, I was up before sunrise…
and watched as the sun just made its way over the horizon.
Headed to breakfast in Sabatini's for their 7 am opening. (They open at 7:30 on sea days.) Had a bit of food and came right back to the cabin and fell asleep. Woke up at lunch, dealt with a little bit of work stuff, and fell back asleep. And awoke in the afternoon to this view out the door. 
I did force myself to stay awake as we left port before sunset…
and for the whale watching as we made our way out of the area. See you next winter, Cabo!