Saturday, February 11, 2023

Disembarkation Day

When I woke up we were already docked in San Francisco with a spectacular sunrise appearing out the door. Thankfully we weren’t in much of a hurry and I was able to be patient enough to see the sun pop over the horizon.

After a leisurely breakfast and some goodbye hugs, we took a taxi to the airport where we sat until our 4:40 flight. We both took little naps in the airport and on the plane (dang those pain meds) and before we knew it we were in Boise. Thankfully we drove to the airport this time so we could get ourselves to Walmart's pharmacy on the very last night they were open until 9. Reduced hours from now on, they say.

As to whether I can travel solo all summer? Guess I have some work (and healing) to do before I’m in a good enough position to decide.