Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Make a Decorative Pocket Tissue & Hand Sanitizer Holder - Tutorial Tuesday

For today's Tutorial Tuesday we are making a decorative pocket tissue holder with a pocket for your hand sanitizer and lip balm. A quick and easy three in one sewing project!

 For this project you will need:

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Otherwise, you can just watch the  tutorial to make these homemade fabric pocket tissue holders with a pocket for your hand sanitizer and lip balm right here:

Friday, June 11, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - Movin' on Up

Despite the week being full of the words like continued isolation (kitties) and quarantine (me) and of new eye infections (kitties) and hospitalizations and in-home antibody infusions (inner family circle), we made it through. Made it through and then some.

For this week was the one bottle baby foster parents dream of. The week the 'round the clock every-two-hour feedings seemed so far long ago. Yep, the kitties are growing up. And are WEANED. No more bottle babies here!

While they are self sufficient in the litter box and with eating off the plate, they are not so self sufficient in eating neatly. Or in cleaning up after themselves. 

What's the best way to eat off a plate? Curled up in the middle, of course.
Naptime, perhaps?
Does someone need their face wiped?
Yes, please.
Someone need help washing their hands paws?
Most definitely!
A messy week for all of us in so many ways, but the cuteness factor the kitties brought to the table made it a good one.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - The Ups and Downs

It was almost three years ago when I made the 10 Reasons You Should Foster a Cat video. 

At that point in my foster-parent-to-kittens life things were relatively easy going. But these last few years have taught me that fostering is full of ups but is also full of just as many downs. While it's fun and exciting to play with cute little kitties all day, it's also work. And this bunch of babies are work. 

I left off last week's post with some new terminology - foster home biosecurity. With Dewey having come down with ringworm, foster home biosecurity had to kick into high gear. Anything and everything now is about treatment and a decontaminated environment. Which really means kitties being isolated in the bathroom. Gloves. Multiple changes of my clothes day and night. Constant laundry. Pill popping. (For the kitties, not me.) And bleach. Lots of bleach. We need to cure the kitties, keep them from getting reinfected, and keep the adults from catching it and the only way to do it takes work. Making sure there is no cross-contamination while feeding bottle baby kittens day and night is hard.

How serious and contagious is this ringworm business? While the kitties will be just fine in the long run, they will have to remain in the bathroom the whole time they are here and I won't be able to have any more kitties coming in the house until a month after these kiddos are gone and a subsequent deep cleaning of my home happens. 

Despite the work and exhaustion (did I mention fostering ringworm kittens is hard?) we had so many exciting things happening with them this week. I have to keep my phone out of the isolation room but I made an exception for one day so I could grab some photos. I had to thoroughly disinfect the phone afterwards but it was worth it.

Litter box users? YES! 
They always use the litter box at
the exact same time!

Climbers and jumpers? YES! They almost can get out of the tub on their own.

Paws over the side. He's oh-so-close!

Kitties who are excited to tell us how proud they are about weaning off their milk and are happy to show off their gruel eating faces? YES! (Gruel is how we transition them to more solid foods and is a mixture of kitty formula, canned baby food, and canned cat food.)

Huey is ready for his closeup.
Dewey wants you to know the harder you chew,
the more that comes out. And he wants you to see his baby teeth.
Louie wants you to know a gruel face, a pink nose, and
baby blue eyes are a great color combination.

With these kinds of pictures the ups outweigh the downs, don't ya think?

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Make Your Own Passport and Vaccination Card Holder Wallet - Tutorial Tuesday

For this week's Tutorial Tuesday we are making a project so many of you are asking for - a passport cover and vaccination card holder all in one. You'll find a pocket for your passport and a clear vinyl see-through pocket to keep your vaccine card safe. For those who are ready to travel, this easy sew project is for you. If you're not quite ready to travel yet, make it anyway and stick in your safe until the time is right!
For this project you will need:

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - Working for the Weekend

I'm not sure who worked harder this week and needs a break more. Me? My Duck Tales? Guess I'll let you be the judge.


Monday was weigh in day. As these babes are little they get weighed quite frequently but Monday is the day that counts because it's the day their weights are submitted to Simply Cats. It's also the day my postal scale I use for all my Etsy shipping does double duty. 

Side note: In the last couple months my Etsy shop has really taken off. My most popular items are the vaccination card holders - I've already sewn (and sold) 800 of them. (Go me!) The most popular fabric? The bright kitty cats, of course!

Everybody loves my kitty cat fabrics being weighed on my postal scale. But do real live kitty cats like being weighed on the postal scale? Heck no, especially since I make them sit in a little bin for their weights.

Huey tried to squeeze himself under the blanket.
Dewey proceeded to chew the blanket - and the metal tin.
Louie tried to make a run for it.


Tuesday is Tutorial Tuesday here at Deb's Days and Huey was a featured guest. This week we taught everyone how to make holders for plastic grocery bags. While Huey wasn't scheduled to have any speaking parts, he took it upon himself at the 49 second mark to make his noisy presence know.


Two of the little ducklings decided to reenact a prison escape. I partially cover their humble abode with a blanket so it's a bit darker for them during the day but somehow they climbed on top of the blanket and made their way out and about. 

Sorry kiddos, the camouflage isn't hiding you a darn bit.


Not only did we have attempted escapees we had a couple over the wall, scampering about like cockroaches when you turn on a light. With the babies outgrowing their prison cell, on Thursday we moved them into a bigger and better joint - my favorite place to corral kitties - these popup pens. No more crawling out the top now!


Finally, TGIF! Mr. Huey, Dewey, and Louie have become active little ducks and are ready to explore a bit more space. I planned on putting them on the couch to scamper about (and get a kitty cat family photo), but I was a little concerned about something I saw on Mr. Dewey's little leg. After a trip back to Simply Cats, with the lights off and a black light shining on his back leg, the suspicions were confirmed. The green glow on the leg joint tells us he has ringworm.

Hard to see, but there is some fluorescent green there.

Dang. Now this contagious fungus changes things. We need to think through what my schedule will look like. How to protect them, me, and my work. We need to do some rethinking about what foster kitty life is going to look like in this house.  And just like that, I've already learned a new phrase - foster home biosecurity. 

Yeah, we definitely need a weekend. 
Sorry, kids. But know we're all in this together.