Monday, March 30, 2020

Day 12 - Slowing Down the Machine

As I was sewing along on my machine today, I realized I sew too fast. It’s not because I like sewing fast, but because I usually have set myself an unrealistic target date. Or I’ve gotten in over my head, trying to get too many charity kids quilts or stockings for soldiers sewn. (Remember the year I made 625 of them? Yikes.) But not today.

Today’s project was another one for my daughter. I regularly supply her with themed throw pillow covers for her couch. Slip cover pillow covers, if you will. Being I most likely won’t be able to see her until after the lockdown, I took my time with my sewing. In fact, I didn’t even do all four today - just the reds. The flower ones will have to wait. It was quite a nice feeling to be able to take my time and not feel rushed.
Slow and steady wins the race today.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 11 - Not Exactly Olivia Walton

Between the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and tending to the children, many times Olivia Walton could be found doing some hand sewing. But me today? Between the cooking and laundry and scrubbing of cabinets and washing of dishes I could be found with my feet up in the recliner, watching The Waltons marathon on the Hallmark Channel's free preview.
If you’ve never watched The Waltons, you should. It’s a TV series from the 1970's set during the Depression. The lessons they learned back then may wind up being relevant to our lives in these tough COVID-19 days.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day 10 - Below the Clouds

Today should have been the day we would be looking at the clouds from above. We should have been on a flight to San Francisco on our way to join the Grand Princess tomorrow.  But as we know, not only were all cruises cancelled, the ship is still under quarantine and anchored off of San Francisco. Our crew member buddy is among hundreds still onboard, locked down in passenger cabins, with temperature checks twice a day.  Thankfully he’s stayed well (at least physically) throughout the ordeal. An ordeal with an unknown head-home date.

When I look at those I know around the world, I’m thankful I’m safe and sound in my own home. Whether I am able to see the clouds from above or below, I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 9 - Cancellations x 2

As I mentioned on my weird Monday, the one where mayonnaise splattered everywhere at the checkstand (and on me) at the out-of-the ordinary grocery store trip, we had a plumber come out and take a look at our shower. We've had a leaky faucet for a couple years now. I've replaced it myself more than once and it seemed to help, but many months ago it started up again. Everything I knew to try (or read about on the Internet) told me the permanent resolution was above my pay grade. We've been traveling so much we're never home long enough to worry about a permanent solution. Since we're not going anywhere anytime soon it was time to tackle the issue.

The plumber tried. He really did. But even after running to the plumbing store for additional materials he couldn't get it. His only recommendation was a biggie, one we didn't expect to be such an expensive and time consuming solution. It would require working inside the wall behind the shower - from the other side of the wall. After being shell shocked at the $1,600+ price tag from the plumbing company we came to another arrangement. A plumber willing to work on the weekend, me doing some prep work beforehand, and a cash only job.

As much as we wanted the plan for tomorrow to go ahead, I had to cancel. I’ve thrown DayQuil and NyQuil and some antibiotics from Mexico at whatever it is making me feel not the greatest. As my symptoms don’t qualify me for you-know-what kind of testing I’ve decided to try and keep plugging along. And cancel any human interaction for now.

Cancel like the cruise line did on us earlier this month. (Which I completely support as the right decision, by the way.)  I check my account frequently to see if we've been credited for the cancellations. While no credit is yet showing, they really don’t need to be rubbing it in our faces. When I logged in today I see they are still showing the upcoming cruise on our account. Dang them!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 8 - Window Quiz

Back for the second week - Day 8 of my picture a day project - and I'm already having to tell on myself.

We purchased the house we're living in over seven years ago. My mom occupied it for the first year before we made the move, so technically we've lived in it for only six years. I need to say "only" six because it tempers the sting of how little I really know about it. Yep, if I took a How Well Do You Know Your House? quiz I just might flunk. Or at least flunk the window section.

Now I don't wash windows much in this house. We're either usually getting ready for a cruise, on a cruise, or just home and catching up on the must-do's before heading back out. When you travel all throughout the year, there are plenty of things getting pushed to the bottom of the list. For us, windows is just one of many things getting shoved to the bottom of that list. The list that never really gets completely checked off.

With lots of time at home, today was the day to put window washing at the top. With a full roll of paper towels and brand new bottle of Windex in hand I made a discovery as I tackled the very first window. The sliding part of the window comes out of the track so I can take it out and wash both sides. Surprise, surprise.

Some way, some how I never knew it was even a possibility in this house.  I can now pass the window section of the quiz! I can also now see the crazy tree out my sewing room window.
Believe me, it'll look better in the summer.
My goodness, what else don't I know about this place? Guess I have plenty of time to find out.