Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 9 - Cancellations x 2

As I mentioned on my weird Monday, the one where mayonnaise splattered everywhere at the checkstand (and on me) at the out-of-the ordinary grocery store trip, we had a plumber come out and take a look at our shower. We've had a leaky faucet for a couple years now. I've replaced it myself more than once and it seemed to help, but many months ago it started up again. Everything I knew to try (or read about on the Internet) told me the permanent resolution was above my pay grade. We've been traveling so much we're never home long enough to worry about a permanent solution. Since we're not going anywhere anytime soon it was time to tackle the issue.

The plumber tried. He really did. But even after running to the plumbing store for additional materials he couldn't get it. His only recommendation was a biggie, one we didn't expect to be such an expensive and time consuming solution. It would require working inside the wall behind the shower - from the other side of the wall. After being shell shocked at the $1,600+ price tag from the plumbing company we came to another arrangement. A plumber willing to work on the weekend, me doing some prep work beforehand, and a cash only job.

As much as we wanted the plan for tomorrow to go ahead, I had to cancel. I’ve thrown DayQuil and NyQuil and some antibiotics from Mexico at whatever it is making me feel not the greatest. As my symptoms don’t qualify me for you-know-what kind of testing I’ve decided to try and keep plugging along. And cancel any human interaction for now.

Cancel like the cruise line did on us earlier this month. (Which I completely support as the right decision, by the way.)  I check my account frequently to see if we've been credited for the cancellations. While no credit is yet showing, they really don’t need to be rubbing it in our faces. When I logged in today I see they are still showing the upcoming cruise on our account. Dang them!