Monday, March 30, 2020

Day 12 - Slowing Down the Machine

As I was sewing along on my machine today, I realized I sew too fast. It’s not because I like sewing fast, but because I usually have set myself an unrealistic target date. Or I’ve gotten in over my head, trying to get too many charity kids quilts or stockings for soldiers sewn. (Remember the year I made 625 of them? Yikes.) But not today.

Today’s project was another one for my daughter. I regularly supply her with themed throw pillow covers for her couch. Slip cover pillow covers, if you will. Being I most likely won’t be able to see her until after the lockdown, I took my time with my sewing. In fact, I didn’t even do all four today - just the reds. The flower ones will have to wait. It was quite a nice feeling to be able to take my time and not feel rushed.
Slow and steady wins the race today.