Friday, August 17, 2018

A Pleasant Stopover in Seattle

When we booked this Boise-Seattle-Dallas Fort Worth-Ft. Lauderdale flight we made sure we had a nice long layover in Seattle. We like Seattle a lot. Travel there several times a year, even. So any opportunity we have to have a flight take us through Seattle, we try and get a generous stopover.

Our plan could have taken us to Pike Place Market to have delicious salmon croquettes at Lowell's, or to Ellenos to get some Greek Yogurt. If the Seattle Mariners had a home game (they didn't) we would have had enough time to get in several innings of a baseball game. We had enough of a layover we could have done at least one (even maybe two) of the things I have on my 5 things to do in Seattle list.

But we went with the simple, relaxing, non-rushed route instead.

We walked through the airport past all the Terminal C baggage claim carousels. And past the Terminal B baggage carousels and past the terminal A baggage carousels. All the way until we got to the door to the outside. From there we walked towards the scheduled shuttle service stops and the city bus stops.
We walked past all those buses and followed the sidewalk out from the airport area...
towards International Boulevard...
to where the entrance/exit of the airport and International Boulevard met. Our destination, 13 Coins restaurant, is just across the street.
It looks like it was a long walk, but it wasn't. I'm guessing from the outside door of the airport terminal to the restaurant was half a mile or so.

It was at 13 Coins where hubby had the most tasty spinach salad. Yeah, he kind of went overboard on the pepper.

And I had an even more delicious meat bites starter.

Prices were comparable to what we would have paid at the airport but so, so, so much better tasting than airport food!

After eating and walking back to the airport, we stopped at the section right inside the door. They have seating there, seating that includes rocking chairs. Hubby loves rocking chairs so we spent a good chunk of time with him rocking and me sitting with my feet up.

Definitely a nice way to spend 5 hours at the Seattle Tacoma Airport!

Here's the 13 Coins menu for future reference. Apologies for the blurriness. Not sure what happened there.

Minimalist Monday

It's time for another 15!

Another 15 items are leaving me. Actually, I gained two new items first. I finally purchased a computer monitor (no more squinting on the laptop) and a used pair of snorkel fins (for something fun coming up soon). So that means I have to get rid of 17 items this week instead of just 15.

It's just things that don't matter. Why the heck do we keep this stuff longer than we need to?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Sale on a Sailing - We're Heading to the Caribbean!

We were finishing up our 15th cruise to Alaska a couple months ago when hubby received an email from Princess Cruises.
$199 per person for a week-long cruise to Alaska? We really thought long and hard about taking advantage of the offer. There were many sailings to choose from - we could have stayed on the same ship for about six weeks. Living on a ship in Alaska in the summer? Heck yes, count us in. We decided to head home from that 15th Alaskan cruise, get some things done around the house, then head back up.

But it didn't work out as planned. My husband's father got sick right after we got back home and passed away a few days later. Alaska would be a no-go and we decided it would be best to stay close to home.

Then once the funeral passed hubby got another email from Princess Cruises.
$149 week-long cruises to the Caribbean? It was hubby's call. He decided he was ready to leave reality behind and head back out. The Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten are calling our names. This coming week, that is. We have other ports calling our names the next week.
Map showing the port stops for Eastern Caribbean. For more details, refer to the List of Port Stops table on this page.

I guess an evening flight from Boise to Seattle and a red-eye flight from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale (technically Boise to Seattle to Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale) is calling our names, too. Thank you, Alaska Airlines for having 12,500 frequent flier mile flights to get us to Florida, even if it takes us some time to get there.

Florida, here we come!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

5 Things to do in Seattle

It's Wanderlust Wednesday! Today we're talking about what to do in Seattle, Washington.

While you can certainly drive a car while you're in Seattle, we always prefer to use the Link Light Rail, along with a little bit of walking. My 5 Things to do in Seattle uses the Light Rail (and Monorail) to get to each location.

1. Take the Link Light Rail from the airport to downtown. Get off at the Westlake stop. Walk to Pike Place Market. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, flying fish. Get there early - it gets crowded on summer days.

While you're there, head into Lowell's restaurant for the most delicious smoked salmon-potato croquettes with fresh herb sauce.
2. Head across the street to Ellenos for very tasty Greek yogurt. I've never had any yogurt like this before. Marionberry Pie Greek Yogurt? Yes, please. Lemon cheesecake Greek Yogurt? Yes, please. (Sorry, I can't find the pic of the mixture. It sure is pretty and tasty.) We love this place so much it is a must-do on every visit.
Get a half and half (half marionberry/half lemon) and head down to eat at the park just north of the market. Victor Steinbrueck Park is a good place to people watch. Tourists, drug dealers, prostitutes, police, homeless people, and cross dressers all intermingle to make for an interesting - and eye opening - experience. 

3. From the park you can also see the Seattle Great Wheel, one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the United States. Hangs out over the water, even. You can either take the steps outside the Market or use the parking garage elevator get down there.
 You get high up there.
 4. Head back towards Westlake to take a ride on the Seattle Center Monorail. It'll take you to the Space Needle. Purchase a ticket to ride to the top and take a look at Seattle from the observation deck. The area around the Space Needle has lots of other activities to partake in. You can even buy combo tickets.

5. Take the monorail back to Westlake. From there take the Link Light Rail southbound, getting off at the Stadium stop. Walk over to Safeco Field and take in a Seattle Mariners professional baseball game. The roof is retractable so you'll be able to watch baseball rain or shine.
Don't forget to try some ballpark food. How about a cheesesteak and some garlic fries?
You can find a video version of this post here:

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to Sew a Fabric Tortilla Warmer - Tutorial Tuesday

It's Tutorial Tuesday and I have a tortilla warmer project for you.
Homemade Fabric Tortilla Warmer Sewing Project
Looking for more sewing and crafting projects? 

For this project you will need:
  • A plate or some other object measuring 11”
  • 2 pieces of main fabric, cotton, measuring 11 ½” x 11 ½”
  • 2 pieces of lining fabric, cotton, measuring 11 ½” x 11 ½”. I like using a plain fabric with few dyes since this fabric will be touching food
  • 2 pieces of batting measuring 11 ½” x 11 ½”. If you plan on using this warmer for table use only you can use cotton batting. However, if you plan on placing the warmer itself in the microwave please use Wrap-N-Zap batting.
  • Pins or Clover Wonder Clips
  • Iron
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
*These measurements are for tortillas 8" and smaller.
*A warmer for 10" tortillas will require the fabric and batting to be 13½” x 13½” and a circle template to be 13".
*For extra-large burrito size tortillas, your circle template will need to be 3" larger than the tortilla. Your fabric and batting will be 3½” larger than the size of the tortilla. 

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Otherwise, you can find the step by step how to tutorial for the homemade fabric tortilla warmer sewing project here:
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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cruise Ship Elevator FYI

It's Cruise Ship Saturday! Today we're talking about cruise ship elevators.

Why would I even write anything about cruise ship elevators? Because something about being on a cruise ship drives people nuts when it comes to elevators and a breakdown in civil communication and manners occurs. There are more impatient people, more rude people, and more frustrated people on an elevator than almost anywhere else on a cruise ship. Knowing that ahead of time will save you headaches in the long run.

Face it.
  • Elevators are slow and one or more may be out of order.
  • On the first day several of the elevators might be used only for those passengers getting onto the ship. Want to use one of these elevators to go to the buffet? Sorry, probably not happening. On this particular day the availability of elevators is limited. Be ready for it. If you can’t take the stairs be prepared to wait.
  • There are 2,000 people wanting to use them, sometimes all at the same time. If the 800 people leaving the theater head to the same four elevators there will be a long wait. Just hang back in the theater and chat with family and friends and wait for the crowds to die down.
  • People have cabins on different decks on different parts of the ship. Some elevators go to Deck 4. Some do not. Some go to Deck 16. Some do not. Some go to your dining room. Some do not. Make sure you are at the right elevator before stepping onto it.
  • If an elevator shows up and it looks full, it is. It never fails that the party of four will squeeze into the already-full elevator like sardines. People will also rush into an elevator the moment the doors open without letting the other folks off first. And there will also be people crammed in the back of the elevator who need to get off at the first stop. Sometimes I think elevators need traffic controllers.
  • Because of limitations some people cannot climb the stairs when they want to go from Deck 6 to Deck 7 and will have to take the elevator. Your elevator experience may last an extra 45 seconds and an able-bodied person will wind up complaining about it. Someone will also be frustrated because the person in the wheelchair is taking up enough room for two or three people. Some people are kind. And some aren't.
  • Elevators go up and elevators go down. Sometimes a full elevator will pass you by. You’re on Deck 10 and want to go down to Deck 5. All the elevators have been going up. Five minutes later you’re still waiting. Remember, what goes up must come down. Try going up in that elevator. Once the elevator reaches the highest floor, guess what? It’ll go down. And you might wind up passing by the rest of the folks who are on Deck 10 still waiting for it.
Just like with anything, knowing what to expect ahead of time can help alleviate some of the frustration.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Friday 15

I'm still downsizing. Today's stack is mostly full of kitchen crap.

1 large plastic container
1 casserole dish
1 Swiffer wand
1 reusable water bottle
7 glasses and mugs
2 canning things
1 file organizer
1 cooling eye mask

Goodbye to 15 more!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to Make Fabric Pan Protectors - Tutorial Tuesday

It's Tutorial Tuesday and I have a new project for you. Today we are making pan-pot-glass bowl protectors. They whip up pretty darn fast and work well to keep down the scratches when you're stacking your pans-pots-glass bowls.

Looking for more sewing and crafting projects? 
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Homemade Fabric Pot and Pan Protectors Sewing Project

For this project you will need:
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Or just watch the tutorial video to make the fabric pot and pan protectors here:
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Monday, August 6, 2018

Carniceria Los Compadres in Mt. Vernon, Washington

It's Yummy Monday! Today we're talking about tacos in a butcher shop in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

My handy-dandy high school Spanish skills have been helpful as we've traveled in Mexico and Central America. Whether I'm trying to direct a taxi driver to take me to an orphanato (orphanage) in Honduras, trying to order pescado (fish) in Costa Rica, or a naranja (orange) soda in Mexico, I've been thankful that I've kept some of my skills. But like everything else, if you don't practice it, you lose it. Which makes me think if we spend our winters in Mexico I might want to practice more. Like a lot more.

We like to eat at local places. Places that do require some Spanish. So it was natural that when we walked into the Carniceria Los Compadres in Mt. Vernon, Washington - a real working butcher shop/market/taqueria - that I was expecting to use Spanish. But several people were talking to me in English. It seemed a bit off. It was only when we left the carniceria (butcher shop) that it occurred to me - I forgot we weren't in Mexico!

The food and atmosphere were so authentic I honestly forgot I was in a place off the freeway in Mt. Vernon, Washington. My mind was telling me I was in Mexico - and the tacos sure tasted like it.

Hubby and I shared uno chorizo, uno carnitas, y dos carne asada. Delicioso!
So good I forgot to take a picture until we were halfway done!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

5 Things to do in Skagway, Alaska

Today we're talking about five activities to do in Skagway, Alaska when on your Alaska cruise vacation.
5 things to do in Skagway, Alaska

In August of 1896 gold was discovered near where the Klondike and Yukon rivers joined in northwestern Canada. Skagway became the major gateway for the Klondike Gold Rush and tents lined Broadway Street as the town grew by leaps and bounds. But by December of 1896 wooden buildings replaced the tents and then, less than two years later, Skagway had boardwalks on both sides, brick chimneys, railroad tracks, and utility poles. 80 saloons, three breweries, and many brothels occupied the town. Now it's a cruise ship town with plenty to keep you busy.

1. Take a ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad. Built during the Klondike Gold Rush, the railroad is an “International Civil Engineering Landmark” and shares honors with the Eiffel Tower, the Panama Canal, and the Statue of Liberty.
White Pass and Yukon Railroad train waiting for passengers at the dock at the cruise ship port
2. Grab your passport and head out on a tour that takes you into Canada to the Yukon Suspension Bridge. You'll walk across a bridge 65 feet above the rapids.
View from the Yukon Suspension Bridge in Canada on an Alaska cruise excursion
With a spectacular view from the middle of the bridge.
View of the river from the middle of the Yukon Suspension Bridge on an Alaska cruise excursion
3. Take a free National Park Service walking tour of the town. Many of those original buildings in Skagway have been restored to exact standards including historical paint schemes and sign fonts.
4. Take a turn being pulled by sled dogs. You can hop a helicopter to run on the glacier.
Or avoid the helicopter ride and climb aboard a sled that runs on dirt.

5. Eat, drink, and be merry. There are breweries, restaurants and cafes, and even a former brothel serving food.
Best ever patty melt at the Sweet Tooth Cafe.
Thai food is Skagway? Yep, at the Starfire.
Enjoy Skagway!
5 things to do in Skagway, Alaska