Friday, January 1, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - The New Year's Edition

Happy New Year from the Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West Gang!

It's a new year and everyone is taking on a new role.

Annie Oakley is the thief, stealing a kitty blanket away from me...

and dragging it across the room.
Scratch that. Wild Bill is the thief, taking the tape measure when I was trying to remeasure Wyatt Earp's legs.
Now I remember...Annie Oakley is the jumper. Straight from the floor to the counter-top height table in one swift move. (And barely captured by my camera.)
No, wait a minute. Calamity Jane is the one who is the jumper.
Feet in the air in this picture.
And Wyatt? Well, he's the three legged cat who takes over my keyboard...
and the back of my recliner any chance he gets.
What? Did I say three legged cat? Sure did. You'll have to watch his video to find out more...