Friday, January 8, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday

Hello from the Wild West Gang! Well, we're down to three. This was the week Wild Bill headed off to find his forever home. It's always a sad day when one of the little foster kitties leaves your home. You've fed them, cleaned up after them, played with them, and loved them. For two months Wild Bill has been part of our family and, while we're sad to see the sweetie go, we're excited for him and his new family.

Saying their goodbyes
Wild Bill saying his goodbyes
Just us now
It's always interesting how the dynamics change when one of the siblings takes off. Calamity Jane has now become the instigator. In the last few days she's been in the kitchen sink, made her way onto the dining room table to try and eat sunflower seeds, licked bacon grease off the pan next to the stove, and tried to figure out how a toilet worked.
Annie Oakley has turned into Wyatt Earp's bodyguard. Plays with him, tries to take his prosthesis off (check out his video to see her in action), and moves her body out of the way so he can have a spot to eat at the breakfast plate. And loves him and makes sure he takes good pictures.
Actually, the love has been pretty free flowing from everyone this week. They've been good to Wyatt Earp, and boy has he needed it.
Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane
Love fest
The famous Wyatt Earp

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