Friday, July 24, 2020

Foster Kitten Friday

Welcome to another week of another Foster Friday!

I gotta say, my gals Parsley and Rosemary are just the sweetest things in the world. I've mentioned this before, but when you raise orphaned kittens from the bottle baby stage on up there is a special bond there. You were once their everything. The one who became their mama or papa. You were their food source, feeding them every few hours - including in the middle of the night. You burped them and gave them tummy rubs to get them to go potty. And even cleaned up all that little baby pee and poo that sometimes happened right in your hands.

Bottle babies are a lot of work, but they are definitely the best. For once they get older, they hardly ever leave your side and you get lots of love and snuggles. There is nothing better to center you, relax you, and wash away the cares of the world than hanging out with these soft and furry little ones all week.

Here's a taste of what I'm talking about:

Parsley wanted to be held like a baby while she slept.
They both figured my leg and my chair was the best place to snuggle for their evening nap.
Rosemary decided I would be the best pillow.
Another day of my legs being the best place to hunker down for a little rest.
Between the legs naps yet again.
Parsley decided to show off...
and show us how much she's grown. She's not a little 9 ounce little kitten anymore! And yep, she fell asleep in this position.

Might as well keep the we'll-sleep-between-your-legs streak alive.

Want to help contribute to the work I do with foster kittens? I have an Amazon wish list right here. These are the things I use again and again, year after year. With daily laundry and frequent cleaning, items have to be replaced often. I’d love anything you’d be willing to send my way!

I think it's clear the girls love each other.

I'm getting some love as well. Guess Rosemary thought I needed a bath? Yep, I got it on video.
We start it all over again with recliner kitties.
And Parsley giving out the baths this time. (It's a video, too.)
I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but again I couldn't have asked for a better week with foster kitties!