Friday, July 17, 2020

Foster Kitten Friday

This week was one where Parsley and Rosemary became explorers. Not necessarily always the good kind, either.

Somehow Rosemary found her way onto the dining room table and into the fruit bowl. Picked some grapes even. Well the stems from the grapes, that is.
Sorry, no kitties on the table!
Parsley looks all innocent in the dining room chair, but she was caught on the table as well. She just did a better job of listening to me when I told her to get down.
 Rosemary discovered where I hid my cutting rulers in the sewing room.
She also discovered my wall quilts in there. She's working on biting off the buttons from the centers of these flowers
and obviously is planning an escape to the mountains on this one.
She also somehow found her way onto the counter to try her hand at washing dishes.
Troublemaker #1
She had Parsley tagging along to make the coffee.  
Troublemaker #2

Want to help contribute to the work I do with foster kittens? I have an Amazon wish list right here. These are the things I use again and again, year after year. With daily laundry and frequent cleaning, items have to be replaced often. I’d love anything you’d be willing to send my way!

Not only was Rosemary a dishwasher she was also a leg washer...
and a chip bag opener.
Yep, it was another crazy week in this foster kitten family. But it was also another week of cutie pies sleeping.

Rosemary chose upside down.
 Parsley chose mouth open,
tongue sticking out,
and butt in the air.
 And they both continued to snuggle together on the recliner.
Pure sweetness
Couldn't have asked for a better week or a better way to spend my birthday today. Aren't kittens just the best?