Friday, July 3, 2020

Foster Kitten Friday

Did you know two little baby kitties are less work than four baby kitties? Oh, yeah. So. Much. Different.

With Sage and Thyme, the rambunctious boys, off to their forever homes we're down to just two girls - Parsley and Rosemary. Going from four to two kittens has meant fewer litter box changes, less food needing to be replenished, and not nearly as much laundry and cleaning to be done.

The girls have fallen into a schedule where they wake up before 6 AM, play hard, then take an afternoon nap before another playing-hard session. The energy these two have? Whew. Jumping and running and leaping and climbing and sliding. Oh, how they love running as fast as possible on the carpet before hitting the slippery kitchen floor. The legs inevitably go out from under them and they hit the refrigerator. The stove. The cabinet. And even each other. It's certainly fun to watch, but hard to capture with photos. I even tried getting them on video but I can't keep up with their speed.

It's just as fun to watch them when they sleep. The thing about raising bottle babies is they think their foster mama is their napping spot. If I'm in the recliner, I've got two girls with me. If I'm not in the recliner and it's their nap time, they take it and use it as their own.
Miss Parsley sleeping with her head up in the recliner. Crazy.
Miss Rosemary sleeping with her head over the side. Just as crazy.
They did think they might try out watching NASCAR over the weekend. 
Not sure if it was cars or cats with the loudest motors running.
They changed their minds about watching TV. Just a short 11 minutes later they looked like this:
It's so much easier to get pictures of them when they are asleep!
Something about kitties sleeping is calming, isn't it?
Yes, Parsley is sleeping upside down.

Want to help contribute to the work I do with foster kittens? I have an Amazon wish list right here. These are the things I use again and again, year after year. With daily laundry and frequent cleaning, items have to be replaced often. I’d love anything you’d be willing to send my way!

Now Rosemary is the one on her back.
Aren't they the cutest?
Another happy Foster Friday in this household!