Thursday, June 18, 2020

Day 92 - Bribery

In April, as we went into our second month of lock down, I made mystery treat bags to help get us through our evenings. In May, going into our third month of lock down, we had ice cream cones every evening. Here in June the stay at home orders in our state have expired. But we are still choosing to stay home for our evening treats - sugar free pudding and two graham crackers. Yep, it's getting more and more boring at home. And less and less safe "out there". The number of people crowding into spaces, ignoring social distancing, and the refusal of so many to wear masks makes it downright scary for us as high risk people right now.

So we stay home, only going out when we absolutely have to. Like today. It was another run to Simply Cats to pick up food and litter. As exhausted as I have been lately, I really wanted Mr. Ed to go with me. (He doesn't drive but it is good to have company in the car when you're so tired.)

How do you get him to leave the house? Food, of course. He's been missing those ice cream cones from last month. He's been watching lots of TV and seeing Dairy Queen advertising their summer Blizzard menu every day. Basically, he's been craving ice cream all the time!

Thankfully for him (and for me as the tired driver), Dairy Queen isn't out of the way when I'm heading to Simply Cats.

Sitting in the sun (finally, the sun!) and eating Blizzards in the parking lot made him a happy fellow.
He got his treat, kittens got their supplies, and I got a nap as soon as I got home.

Bribery works when it needs to.