Sunday, June 7, 2020

Day 81 - Not Just One Drip

With all the rain we’re having I was thinking I’d get to take a break today. No outside work, no weeding, and no painting. I was looking forward to even staying out of the sewing room. Make today into a day of nothing but relaxation. No worries and no problems. Sit in the recliner, covered in a blanket, with my feet up. (With kitties crawling all over me, of course.)

It was a great plan until I grabbed a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet.

What the heck? Hmm...let’s try a different roll. Yikes. Another roll? Crap! The rolls in the back? Dang. Every single roll under the cabinet was wet.

All those jumbo mega rolls were ruined by an under sink leak. Clearly it hadn’t been just one or two drips as they weren’t just wet but soaking wet. I thought I could just dry them and use them afterwards, but had to heartbreakingly decide against it. It wasn’t a fresh water leak, but was coming from the bottom of the sink.

The sink I wash our face masks in.
The sink I use to clean kitty faces of stuck on food.
The sink I use to give baths to the kitties who have made messes of the things coming out their bottom ends.
The sink I clean with chemicals every single day.

All those things are soaked up in the toilet paper. Yuck.
So goodbye to my entire mega roll toilet paper stash and hello to a new toilet paper purchase and a call to the plumber. And I think hello to a nap.