Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day 36 - Old Food? Be Gone

I can officially say I've been through every single cabinet in my kitchen. The cabinets have been scrubbed inside and out. Even the things in the cabinets are looking pretty darn good. 

As we don't have a dishwasher (other than the one named Ed) things in there weren't as sparkly as they should have been. But they are now. I've washed by hand every single dish, bowl, plate, cup, piece of silverware, pot, pan, and everything in between. 

As I was going through the food storage area, I started finding not everything there was as sparkly as it should be, either. Because they were long expired.

The vegetable oil expired in 2017. Good bye. We weren't using you anyway.
Orange Jello expiring in 2016. I guess we don't use you, either.
Hard to see, but our stew seasoning mix expired in 2014. Oops.
Even harder to see, but our chili seasoning mix expired in 2012. Double oops.
Old food, be gone!