Sunday, April 19, 2020

Day 32 - Double Sided Tape Sucks

When we first moved into this house there was a mirror hanging in the hallway, right across from the bathroom. Seeing your reflection staring back at you every time you opened the bathroom door was not a sight we cared to live with so we took the mirror down.

Unfortunately we found it was being held by about a dozen pieces of double sided table. Yet for some stinkin' reason we left that double sided tape on the wall. I probably didn't have the razor blade scraper nearby so I figured I'd get to it later. Well, later never came. In fact, for some other stinkin' reason I wound up painting over the top of the tape when I painted the hallway.

Now that I have plenty of time on my hands I had two choices.
  1. Scrape the tape and repaint the wall. For that one I would have to find the paint, pry it open, stir it well, and find a paintbrush. (Then wash said paintbrush afterwards.)
  2. Make a wallhanging big enough to cover every single piece of double sided painted-over tape. It would take me rummaging through my scrap drawer and piecing together some batting scraps.
I took the easy way out. Definitely a better view when leaving the bathroom.