Saturday, July 13, 2019

Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

In all our visits to Vancouver we had never sprung for an expensive hotel, but last year after a week of bumming it in cheap hotels around Washington we decided to splurge for one. The Pan Pacific Vancouver is right there at the cruise port and was the only pricey hotel we had in mind.

We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a Club Level Room for free. The Club Level has a lounge for guests right down the hallway. You can always find food and drinks in the lounge.

Beautiful views can be found from there, too. (Apologies for the glare on the glass)

Now here is where I have to tell an embarrassing situation about that Club Level room upgrade. We found out the next day the upgrade did not include lounge access. We had snacks and dinner there the night of our stay. Took drinks back to our room. Only when we showed up for breakfast and the person manning the room asked for our room number did we find out we weren't supposed to be there. Talk about embarrassing! Hubby hurried and finished his cup of coffee and we slithered on out of there. 

So this year when we knew we were heading back to Vancouver we made reservations at another hotel instead. But I still was watching rates at the Pan Pacific, just in case. Rates dropped significantly just a couple weeks before our arrival. Wound up being just a few dollars more than our other reservations, even. So we got to spend our Royal Princess pre-cruise night after our Ruby Princess trip (that cruise wrap-up can be found here) at the Pan Pacific. No Club Level upgrade to confuse us, thank goodness!
Standard Pan Pacific room.
Can't find the glasses in the room? Check the drawers. 
No purchasing over-priced mini bar items for us.
We love how close the hotel is to the cruise port. Like, it's right there. Here I am, sitting on the deck of the Ruby Princess looking at a tall building. Yep, that's the hotel.
Here's a look from the other side. Can't get any closer.

One of the nice things about the Pan Pacific is they take your luggage to the cruise port for you. Press a button on the phone, the bellman comes up a few minutes later, and off it goes. You don't have to touch it again until it shows up at your cabin. Just awesome. Then for us passengers it was just an elevator ride down to port level to board the ship.
View outside Pan Pacific's restaurant shows us our next ship, the Royal Princess.

Pan Pacific breakfast menu.

Would we stay at the Pan Pacific again? If the price is right. We will continue to book other hotels and then keep a close eye on the price as the date gets closer. Just hope our embarrassing Pan Pacific days are in the past!