Saturday, July 20, 2019

5 Things to Know about Ocean Medallion™ on Princess Cruises

5 things to know about the Ocean Medallion on Princess Cruises

If you’re sailing on one of Princess Cruises  Medallion Class ships here are five things you should know about the Medallion.

Want to watch the video instead of reading about it? Check it out here:

1. It's free. 
Yep, it doesn’t cost you a penny. You can either order it ahead of time and have it delivered to your home (if you’re a US resident) or you can pick it up at the pier. Currently the Medallion comes with a plastic case, an insert, and a lanyard.

Don’t want to wear the lanyard? Ditch it and just keep it in the case instead. Don’t want to use the case? Ditch that and just keep the quarter-sized Medallion in your pocket.

If you do want to wear it and show it off, there are accessories like sports band, pendants and bracelets, and clips. Check out Vickie's blog at for photos of Medallion accessories available for purchase.

2. It replaces your cruise card, credit card, and ID when on board. 
You’ll find your name, date, and ship on your Medallion and it's color-coded according to your loyalty level.
Want to pay for your shopping purchases or even your t-shirts from the 2 for $20 sale or a drink at the bar? Just place your Medallion on the MedallionPay™  point. Just tap the sensors for going on and off the ship in port and at the Muster Drill, too. Playing in the casino? Just put your Medallion up against the sensor and it’ll recognize you and turn green.
You’ll also find servers have a little blue thingy on their devices. It’s a Medallion reader, too. They’ll place it up against your Medallion and, if things work properly, it’ll read it.

How about your cabin? Yep, it knows who you and will automatically unlock your door for you.

3. It knows where you are.
You can use one of the portals to find your traveling companions or you can download the OceanCompass app onto your device. This is an app I used every single day for one thing and one thing only. To find my hubby on the ship. He would tootle off to breakfast and I’d meet up with him after he already had a couple cups of coffee in him. Whether he was in the Piazza drinking coffee or at the buffet, I could find him.

If you need help navigating the ship, it gives step by step directions to get to your traveling companion. Adult passengers can turn off the location services if they choose. Kids can’t.

4. You can use it to order things no matter where you are on the ship.
Thirsty? Just look at everything I can order using the OceanNow app. Cocktails, nonalcoholic, beers and wines, sodas. Choose your drink, the order goes into the system, and a server will bring it right to you. They will be able to pinpoint where you are using their device.
As of now on the Royal Princess, that first drink is free.

What if you're hungry and don't want to stand in that pizza or fry line at the pool? Use the OceanNow app to order them up.
Hungry for room service? The OceanNow app has you covered there, too.
Need a robe, ice or extra hangers? Spa products? Medallion accessories? Check, check, and check.

5. It’s optional.
Don’t want to use a medallion? You don’t have to. Just know, if you choose to stick with your cruise card you won’t have access to all the features of the Medallion.

5 things to know about the Ocean Medallion on Princess Cruises