Friday, February 22, 2019

The Friday 15

Why oh why do we keep things we don't need?

Do I need a binder I've had in the kitchen since we've moved into this house? Full of dividers and inserts and menus from a city we don't even live in anymore? With daily menu plans from a lifetime ago? I even had a dried up pen and dry erase marker in there. Do I need those? Heck no.

Do I need the curtain valances I made for the bedroom when we first moved into this house? Nope.

What about a USB wall charger cube we bought at the Fisherman's Wharf CVS in San Francisco years ago? No, because it took forever to charge on that trip. And besides, now I have a wall charger I always keep in our travel things so we don't ever forget one again.

What about all those bobbin boxes? Yes, I like my bobbins neat and organized but I don't need all those boxes.

So adios to 15 more!