Friday, February 15, 2019

The Friday 15

There are times when I'm getting rid of things when I get a little tinge of sadness in my heart. Today's items would be a good example.

Sheets, fabric, some comic book boards and a magazine? Don't care.

But the cookbooks I've had for years? With everything online now it's time for those last two well-used cookbooks to leave. (I would have passed them onto our daughter but she doesn't need them either.)

The colorful napkins and plastic cutlery I bought at Target years and years ago remind me of the prospect of a life with people over and picnics and BBQs. Events that never happened and now never will. Time to let them go.

But the hardest of the bunch to let go was the Christmas tree ornaments with the year 1997 written on the backs of them. A mommy, daddy, and little girl gingerbread family. They remind me of a lifetime of Christmases with our little girl who is long since grown up.  I can't see these ornaments needing to be part of my life in the future. (And kiddo didn't want them either. Ugh. Now that's sad.)

Off they all go. 15 more items be gone!