Monday, October 1, 2018

Yummy Monday - The Smoking Rooster in St. Thomas

We've been to St. Thomas several times before. Sometimes we take a tour, sometimes we head over to St. John, and sometimes we just stay on the ship. This time we were ready to just walk around the port area and maybe find something to eat. After we docked I did a quick Internet search for "food and drinks Havensight" and The Smoking Rooster popped up.

So wander, walk, and end the day at Smoking Rooster was the plan. I didn't expect The Smoking Rooster to be that close. Down the sidewalk just outside the gate and BAM you're there. No need to wander. Might as well eat and drink first.
BBQ is their specialty. They use cherry, oak, and hickory and the smell is amazing. If you're lucky, the guys will be working right near your seats. You might get to see them doing their daily batch of chicken or brisket.
Or if you're really lucky, you'll get to watch them spray the ribs with apple cider and rum. Then they'll pull the racks of ribs out and wrap them in foil. They will be tucked away until the next day, where they'll be finished off for 20 minutes. But if you're really, really, lucky (and you ask nicely) they will cut off the end of one of the racks and pass it through to you.
On one visit we had their rib and brisket combo with beans, macaroni potato salad, pickles, and a biscuit. 
On another visit we had their Italian beef sandwich.
On another visit we went with a double order of ribs with fries, pickles, and biscuits. We found it was actually cheaper to do this combo platter than to order ribs and sides separately.
Hubby loves mac n cheese so he also ordered mac n cheese with jalapenos added to it. 
Let's not forget their variety of sauces. 
And let's really not forget about their drinks. 

Just look at the Blue Parrot tail drink Lily the bartender made me. Oh, my.

They have live music at night and sometimes during the day, too. On this particular visit we spent the day listening to St. Groovus. 
Tish, the server, is the best. We met her on the first visit, she remembered us on the second visit, and had our drink order in before we even sat down on the third visit.

After three visits we know for sure that The Smoking Rooster is our to-go place in St. Thomas.