Monday, October 15, 2018

Bikini Beach Bar on Orient Beach, St. Maarten

It's Yummy Monday and we're taking a look at some of the tasty drinks and food at the newly-rebuilt Bikini Beach bar on Orient Beach in St. Maarten.

Hurricane Irma plowed across the island of St. Maarten and destroyed much of the island. One of the places that is just now coming back to life is Orient Beach. Before you could find restaurants and bars and shopping. Now one of the only options for food and drink is the Bikini Beach bar. They've rebuilt and it's neat, clean, spacious. And not very busy.

You can sit in the bar and restaurant area and gaze out at the water.

But if you choose to sit in a lounger (for a fee) out by the water, you'll have Flavio waiting on you. 

He'll bring you drinks and more drinks. 

A mudslide topped with coffee beans? Yep, that too.

And shots. Free shots before you leave for the day, even.

The food is good, too.

Here are the food and drink menus, if you're interested in checking them out. They do take US dollars.

 Yummy, yummy, tasty, tasty.