Monday, October 22, 2018

Yummy Monday - The Best Marionberry Pie in the West

It's Yummy Monday! Today we're talking about the best marionberry pie out there.

In April 2012 I publicly declared the marionberry pie from The Gallery Restaurant in Sisters, Oregon the best pie ever. You can find the declaration here. I had that belief for years and even with all our traveling - and all our marionberry pie eating - we never found anything that came close.

That has now changed thanks to a restaurant called the Halfway House, set alongside the road in the small town of Brinnon, Washington.

My title of the Best Marionberry Pie in the West now goes to them. Although, technically it is a cobbler. But oh my, what a tasty cobbler it is.

Served in a bowl, brimming over the top. Piping hot with a big scoop of ice cream.
But the thing that sets it apart from the previous best marionberry pie? See the filling that has bubbled over? Scrape it off and eat it. It's chewy and tasty and sweet and oh-so-heavenly!
Can't believe I have a new number one!