Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Leaving Things Behind

The good thing about traveling is you can come home with a lighter suitcase than when you left.

We make it a practice to take holey socks and worn out undergarments on our trips so we can toss them while away, leaving us less left to pack on the return trip home. On this trip we have left behind the usual socks and undergarments. With me dropping pounds, I also brought along clothes that were several sizes too big, knowing it'd be the last time I'd get to wear them. Goodbye nightgown, pair of shorts, and tshirts. Also goodbye to a pair of sandals that busted on the trip. Goodbye to the most delicious of fruit - white pineapple - from the local farmers market. (That stuff was delish!)

We're also leaving an island under a hurricane warning. A state of emergency has been declared by the governor, libraries and schools are being closed (yep, they start the new school year early in Hawaii), and workers will be sent home early on Thursday. Our hotel is prepping their ballroom, the place in the building made to be hurricane and tsunami safe, where guests will camp out during the storm.

With our late night Wednesday flight out we are managing to miss the hurricane by just a few hours. By the time we arrive in Boise Thursday afternoon the damage may have already begun. Crossing fingers for a good outcome in paradise.