Friday, August 1, 2014

I Don't Care

It used to be that I cared about how I looked in a swimsuit. While I loved swimming, if there were more than a couple people in the pool or even the pool area I'd stay away. Years and years of hubby checking out the pool area to see if it was clear. Years and years of missed opportunities because of my fear.

Even after all these years, and even here in Hawaii I was only swimming when the pool was relatively empty. Then I'd head back to the room so I could limit the number of folks who would see me. After watching people of all shapes and sizes swimming and sunning and having fun, I wanted to lose my inhibition. 

So as of a few days ago I don't care what I look like my swimsuit. Loud and proud. (Actually, more like quiet and proud.) I'm in the pool, then to the lounger, in the pool, to the lounger, in the pool...and so it goes everyday. No more sneaking off to the room!

It's not like I can hide here, either. Lots of comments from folks on my fresh scar. Confident and comfortable with my own body - what a concept!