Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 958

When I got home from work after six tonight I went right to my recliner, put my feet up, covered up, took off my glasses and just sat there. Too exhausted to take off my sweater, too exhausted to take off my shoes. Sat there as the sun went down, too exhausted to turn on any lights. I sat there, covered up, feet up, glasses off. No lights no sound. Until hubby came home from his meeting at 8:30. 

As he turned on a light he saw me sitting there, still dressed for school. Bless his heart he took off my shoes, took off my socks, and recovered my feet with the blanket. Even brought me over a box I had plopped on the dining room table on my way from the door to the chair. A box of fabric that had arrived in the mail, an eBay purchase.

I sorted through the box from the chair. I found lots of pretty fabric but couldn't decide on my absolute favorite. Is it the baby fabric? Or the fabric of me riding on my scooter? (If I could only be so hip!)