Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 949

Hubby knows I'm a big believer when it comes to the power of the universe. Things always turn out the way they are supposed to. If you are generous and kind, good things will come your way. But sometimes hubby uses the universe thing to get his way.

"The universe wants you to go to the casino" says hubby. (Yeah, right.) I was worn out from my high altitude excursion and even though we had a free room and dinner and show I just as soon go home. But that couldn't happen because hubby had a voucher from a slot machine that would expire if not turned in. (I wasn't all too pleased that he hadn't taken care of it before.) I'm not one to give up a hundred bucks so I had to relent and make a detour to the casino. 

I wound up having to agree with him on the universe leading me to the casino. Because just a couple minutes after sitting down at a penny machine I hit the bonus. 9 diamond symbols during a ultra spin bonus round let me to hit this jackpot of pennies.

That $4,438.37. Thank you universe.