Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 821

Back on dry land = internet access = catching up on the blog.

Starting with Ketchikan.

Last year Pam from work and I met up here and toured the town when hubby was sick. This time hubby was good to go! Hubby and future son-in-law went on a crab boat tour and daughter and I went on a duck boat tour. Afterwards we all met up for a bit of shopping and a fish and chip lunch on the dock. Little Scooter was awesome! She loved being able to go anywhere she wanted - even the quilt store where she bought some fabric.

I thought the best pictures of the day were from when we arrived in Ketchikan. The fog hanging low made for a spectacular photo opportunity. We also found a bald eagle, a float plane taking off, and a picture of the clan house that Pam and I had visited (taken from the cruise ship instead of on land this time). But then when we left Ketchikan today and I captured pictures of all the boats in the foreground and houses in the background? Maybe even better.