Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 817

Seattle was where we started on this adventure. We're headed back to Alaska. On a cruise ship.

With today being the first at sea day, we've been partaking in the fine dining. Between hubby, me, my daughter, and her boyfriend we've had lots of delicious items. We've been voting on who has the prettiest or most interesting food.

Here are some winners:
An appetizer of duck with blueberry sauce. A cold pina colada soup served in a glass. Mango cheesecake. A too big for me piece of prime rib.

But the most interesting and pretty was what daughter had for dessert tonight. See anything out of the ordinary here?

Yep, can't refer to her companion as boyfriend anymore. It's fiance now. When she discovered the shiny object on the dessert he dropped to one knee and proposed. And she said yes.