Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 732 - Hello Year Three

Today begins Year Three.

Last year when I started Year Two of the blog I had this grand plan that I'd be riding my exercise bike miles every day. Enough miles to add up to a "trip" across the country. Somehow that fizzled out without me even realizing it (or doing much about it).

So here I am beginning another year. No grand plans this years, just some things I know will happen, some things I suspect will happen, some I hope will happen and some I fear will happen.

This year I know I will:
  • continue to make more quilts for charity, turtle pillows for charity, and stockings for soldiers.
  • begin infusions treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. (Finally approved by insurance, my first one is coming up is March 19.)
  • publish at least two more books.
I suspect:
  • my daughter will be getting engaged.
  • I will move from a part-time worker to a full-time worker.
I hope:
  • hubby and I can do some traveling.
  • I can get some of this extra weight off.
  • I'm able to get my It's Sew Idaho business off the ground - and that it becomes successful.
I fear:
  • I am in for a year of additional health problems. I don't know what they are, but I'm starting the year not feeling too good about things. Could be me, could be hubby. Crossing my fingers for everyone to be healthy.

I started on my "I know I will" list today. Have a bit more of a charity quilt together.

Happy beginning of Year Three to us all!