Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 731

I am bummed about what I just realized.

Today is the end of year two of this blog. If you remember, the plan was just to go for 365 days (which turned into 366 because of leap year). Which then turned into year two.

But the bummer part is that after two years - two years of sewing and baking and crafting and going back to work. Of tutorials and coupon shopping and roses and snow. Of a cruise to Alaska and buying a new house in Boise. Of multiple injections and prescription medications and doctors appointments for me. Of hubby losing his mom, of hubby having kidney failure. Of me publishing my first book and our daughter going back to college. And if that wasn't enough - and I wasn't overweight enough - of gaining even more weight with the last several months of steroids.

With all those highs and lows, I feel back to where I started. The doggone rheumatoid arthritis is getting the best of me. Add in flu and sinus infection and bronchitis and a third set of antibiotics that hasn't made me feel much better.

Thank goodness I've documented my life over these last two years because if I hadn't, I could swear I've done nothing and seen nothing. I know my life is better today than two years ago, but right now it sure doesn't feel like it.

Sleep is my number one priority right now. I can't keep my eyes open but for a couple hours or so. I've got to get over this bug so I can get moving on these pieces of quilts tops that need to be put together for charity.