Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 699

I had to get the taste of that cow stomach/feet out of my mouth/mind. Sure, I brushed my teeth, had breath mints, ate some breakfast and lunch all the while trying to keep my mind off of it. Never have we ever had anything at Alejandra's we didn't like so we weren't going to let that Menudo hang with us too long.

So we just had to go back tonight.

Maria (the cook) made us Caldo de Res, Mexican Beef Soup. Add the rice into the soup, squeeze some lime over it. Oh so good. Just look at the huge chunks of vegetables!

Then Cocktel de Camarones, Shrimp Cocktail. There must have been a pound of shrimp in that yummy sauce!

And lastly, we started on the ensalada (salad) section. Fajita Tostada, beef. Kind of like a flat fajita taco salad. Another yummy.

The variety worked. That icky cow stuff is at the back of my mind.