Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 694

Snow day for me, late start and cancelled class for kiddo in college. Unfortunately for hubby his school district decided to have school.

Ice Storm 2013 is what the news called it. Lots of school districts closed, a 80 mile stretch of freeway closed in the wee hours of the morning. Part of it still closed late this afternoon. Good thing I have no where to go.

I wish I could say no where to go and nothing to do. But I can't. A big project at work has me working from home - in my pjs.

Of course I just had to do a little bit of fun stuff on a day off. A new project. (Actually an old project that was stuffed in my quilt patterns. The fabric had already been cut and just needed to be put together). It's a long way from being finished but can you tell what the theme is?