Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 696

It finally rained last night. And that caused what happened this morning to happen. Because last night's rain froze.

I awoke this morning to hubby calling me from the back yard, asking to be let in the back door. He's been using the front door a lot nowadays - smaller steps, rails on both sides, easier for him to get up and down. I thought maybe he'd locked himself out or had his hands full or something else.

It was something else.

As he headed outside to take the mail to the mailbox across the street - and used the front steps, the ones not covered by the carport - he fell on the ice. Didn't even make it to the street. Didn't make it much past the bottom of the steps, even. The ice was so bad he couldn't get up. He scooted his behind down the sidewalk (he said it was pretty easy, being super-slick and icy) and around the corner to the carport. Unfortunately hubby is still pretty weak and can't get up from the ground. So more scooting he went until he got to the back steps where he could grab onto something to pull himself up and give me a holler.

No broken bones, not even bruised (maybe). Tomorrow will tell.

It's raining more right now. Just look at the mess of snow and slush and water in the road. If this freezes, they'll really be no going to the mailbox for some time.