Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 629

I thought the only early Christmas present we'd get were the chairs we purchased yesterday. I was wrong.

The phone call from the kidney specialist today was a Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ New Year's/ Birthday/ Anniversary present all rolled into one.

Back to normal. Hubby's kidneys, that is. After a full month in the hospital, losing so much muscle mass he was confined to a wheelchair, thousands of dollars in medical care, poking and prodding and testing and diet restrictions and massive amounts of medications, the kidneys have returned to function.

Now it's just a matter of him slowing tapering off the steroids. He has to build up his immunity and stay away from sick people (like teenagers), but he's on the road to recovery. A great present.

And here I thought all the paper towels I bought for him (he has a paper towel obsession) at a super price at Staples was going to be the best part of the day!