Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 618

I'm starting to get a better understanding of this anxiety thing. It seems to be tied to leaving the house so I'm starting to think it's pain-related. Every time I have to leave whether it is for work or appointments or grocery shopping, the anxiety shows up. Those days I'm not having to go anywhere, not so much. Just thinking about how much pain I'll be in going down the stairs, getting in the car, walking from the car to the xyz, walking in the xyz, plus having to be pleasant to others when I don't feel so hot is enough to me want to go and hide. Unfortunately the doctor won't prescribe anything until he's sure it isn't linked to the arthritis flare ups. I had an ultrasound on my hands today and the results of that should determine the course of action. So, more waiting.

In the meantime the results of hubby's bone scan came back. Thanks to the heavy-duty, long-term use of steroids to help improve his kidneys he now has osteoporosis. He will start on some medication, but the damage has been done. It's not like he's steady on his feet anyway - between the cerebral palsy, the (possible) permanent nerve damage in his feet from the renal failure, and the tremors from (probably) the renal failure - he's an accident waiting to happen. He's still planning on going back to work after Thanksgiving but certainly won't be using the stairs on the way to and from his second-floor classroom.

And our daughter. Such a great kid. She started a new job today, a promotion at her work. She's been interested in this lead position that only occurs during the holiday season for several Christmases, and now it's hers. More responsibilities, employees that report to her, and a pay raise. We are so proud of her commitment to the working world.

We're also proud of her commitment to helping out her folks. After all her work in the rose garden she also found time to rake leaves. And boy, were there a lot! (Shh..don't tell her she's in the picture, too.)