Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 45 of 365

I was the recipient of a Pay It Forward today.

I've been working on the Quilting for Kids organization's kits they sent me a while back. I had ordered three kits (and those tops are now finished) but they ask that you also make some additional quilts with your own stash. And they especially need boys quilts. Well, my fabric stash isn't all that abundant in kid-type fabrics (especially for boys) so I've been struggling with whether to buy more, or get creative with what I have, or ??

But the other day I was on the quilting website I go to daily and saw that a coordinator for Project Linus (another kids blanket donation group) in New Hampshire was giving away freebies for people who do volunteer blanket projects. I had entered to get the freebies, but did not win. However, she decided to go ahead and provide some freebies to several others anyway. Including me. I had kind of forgotten about it until I received a package of fabrics in the mail today. Actually, a box stuffed full.

Several fabrics. Yards of fabrics. Of boy-themed fabrics, too. A generous gift from someone I don't know. Put to use in quilts for kids I don't know.

Gotta get cranking on those quilt tops now!