Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 44 of 365

It's true, things do have to get worse before they get better. Yesterday was bad, today was a bit better. Not lots better, but a bit.

I took my arthritis shot last night and got worse for a while. Every time I do the shot, I get sick to my stomach and dizzy and just feel allover icky and have to go to bed early. So I had that going for me last night. I was asleep by 8:30, but probably should have been asleep by 8. (I had to watch the new episode of The Office first. Will Farrell wasn't nearly as funny as I thought he would be.) And this morning I woke up a little after 8:30. So I definitely got myself some sleep.

But I did notice something about my hands. Usually when my arthritis is about to get even worse, I notice it in my hands first. I can't tie my shoes, I can't grasp a spoon, and I can't open the orange juice container. But at lunch time today, I opened a new jar of peanut butter. And later in the afternoon, I opened a bottle of water. And without much trouble at all. It may not seem like a lot, but it's big for me. While I'm not feeling super duper, for me to be able to grasp something - and open it - is a huge milestone. Maybe these shots are working? (Oops, maybe I shouldn't say it. Don't want to jinx myself - again.)

But it gave me some hope. Hope that I can move forward and get some things done today.

I had some things listed on to sell, but decided to pull them off. Maybe I'll relist later, but who am I kidding? I put them on as I was starting this blog as a way to try and make some extra money. Well, nothing sold (they were just pincushions and fabric memory games), and I don't want the hassle of checking every day to see if they sold. It's not like ebay where your item lists for 5 days or whatever. On etsy it was 3 or 4 months. I'd rather spend my time on other things, not checking again and again to see that no one wants my stuff.

I did finish up some of the kids quilts. I hadn't taken pictures of the newest two, so I went ahead and snapped a pic. I keep a quilting binder of all my projects, so I'll print a copy to put in there. I haven't updated that binder in a while so I'll have to put that on my to do list for another day. Especially since I have several non-quilting projects I can add to it. Maybe the quilting binder will become a sewing binder?

I especially like the pink pinwheel one on the right.

And remember, today's also the drawing day for the Dick and Jane magnets from Day 41. I'll randomly choose the winner (did you know there is a website that generates random numbers?) and post it at 5 pm Mountain time this evening. If you entered, check back right here to see if you're the winner. You'll only have until Sunday at noon to claim your prize.

And the winner is... Lisa from Sherwood, Oregon who said:
I love the magnets, especially the ones with the words. I currently only have 3 magnets on my I'm in need of more! :)

Congrats, Lisa! Please contact me at before noon on Sunday to claim your prize!  Prize claimed.