Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 703

I got my ego bruised today.

We sat there in those metal folding chairs when the Marsing Disaster Auction started at 10:13 AM, waiting patiently for my quilt to show up. All day long quilts came and went for large amounts of money and it was just torture when mine didn't appear until the end. One of the very last items to auction off, at a time when most people had either left for the day, were tired, or were out of money. At a time when the auctioneers were trying to get things wrapped up for the day.

That's when the ego bruising happened.

The quilt I made this year for the auction, the one bigger and more colorful than my offering last year didn't go for much. 80 measly dollars. Ouch. In my head I knew it was no reflection on me or my quilting skills. But in my heart? Again, ouch.

After a bit of a nap when we got home, all is okay. The community got $80 that it wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Goodbye, sweet quilt. I'm sorry I didn't buy you back myself.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 702

If you've been with me since the beginning you know I started taking pictures because of the cat. (The details can be found on Day 9.) So it is because of her - and because of you sticking around with me, encouraging me along the way - that I will be sharing some exciting news on Sunday.

Exciting, but scary. Makes me nervous to think about it. It's one of those if not now, when? kind of things. And for some unknown reason I've decided the time is now. I've been keeping it hidden and didn't even tell my husband until today.

I'll certainly need you close by, cheering me on. It's a biggie for me.

So please come back on Sunday - even Monday or Tuesday if you want - and find out what has me so terrified but excited.

Kitty is neither one right now.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 701

From Easter to Valentine's Day I think I've got things covered. Yesterday's Easter quilt is on hold because I'm getting things ready for Valentine's Day.

A Valentine tutorial, that is. Yup, time to start the tutorials again. They've missed me and I've missed them.

First one up will be this coming Tuesday. We'll be using these materials:
Come back on Tuesday to see what we have going on!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 700

The theme of my next quilt is starting to show itself.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 699

I had to get the taste of that cow stomach/feet out of my mouth/mind. Sure, I brushed my teeth, had breath mints, ate some breakfast and lunch all the while trying to keep my mind off of it. Never have we ever had anything at Alejandra's we didn't like so we weren't going to let that Menudo hang with us too long.

So we just had to go back tonight.

Maria (the cook) made us Caldo de Res, Mexican Beef Soup. Add the rice into the soup, squeeze some lime over it. Oh so good. Just look at the huge chunks of vegetables!

Then Cocktel de Camarones, Shrimp Cocktail. There must have been a pound of shrimp in that yummy sauce!

And lastly, we started on the ensalada (salad) section. Fajita Tostada, beef. Kind of like a flat fajita taco salad. Another yummy.

The variety worked. That icky cow stuff is at the back of my mind.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 698

Hubby's never met a soup he didn't like. Whether he makes it himself or orders it in a restaurant, no matter has gross it looks, he'll clean his bowl.

But today was different. Today was our eat-through-the-menu-at-Alejandra's day.

We still had two antojitos mexicanos (Mexican appetizers) to tackle.
Nachos Supreme, beef.

And quesadillas, chicken.

And then we started in the sopas (soups). Unfortunately the first one up was Menudo. Menudo, the soup made with cow. Cow stomach and cow feet.  While we both had several spoonfuls, we sure couldn't clean the bowl. Just knowing all the fatty, chewy chunks of meat were the parts of the cow usually thrown away was just a bit too much. Even for soup-loving hubby.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 697

That gunky snow-slush-ice-rain mixture in the road did freeze last night.

A big thank you to the birds for trying to break it up and keep us all safe.