Friday, July 22, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - Helpers

Every Friday I go through the week's foster kitten pictures to see if a theme has emerged. Did something happen again and again during the week? And if so, do I have enough to write about it as well? Some weeks it takes a bit of thinking on my part. And some weeks, like this one, it is easy.


Do you need someone to guard your iPad when you're away? Denali is your guy. What about a helper when it's time to play the cat fishing game? McKinley is your girl.

Need some help using the grabber for the sponge on the floor? My husband has a couple kittens he can recommend for the job.

Need a helper to keep your walking boot safe while showering? How about someone who will guard your scooter when the battery is charging? Denali is your guy.

Need a leg licker or perhaps a seat saver? McKinley is your gal.

Need some helpers who are neat and tidy? Who will not only clean themselves but clean each other? They have that covered, too.

Yep, these two are some amazing helpers. They even help themselves to many well-deserved naps.