Friday, July 15, 2022

Foster Kitten Friday - For Only a Moment

Several years ago when I was in Santa Barbara I picked up this postcard. I have it hanging right next to my computer as a reminder to appreciate the goods things in life, as those good things don't always last. 

Even having fun little foster kitties around won't last, either. Denali has already hit his target weight and McKinley is coming up fast behind him. These two little ones won't be with me much longer and will be heading to the adoption floor - and into their furever homes - very soon. 

This week they got ready by showing off their big girl and big boy please-adopt-me poses.

Want to know about Alaska? My girl McKinley learned about bears at Katmai National Park - in Alaska, of course - and is ready to tell her new parents all about it.

If you need a tailor, my boy Denali knows how to sew.

Denali also decided to get involved in the pattern designing process by hijacking the bowl I was using for a project. Sorry, he doesn't do dishes.

And as soon as I kicked him out and turned around Ms. McKinley decided to get involved as well. Sorry, she doesn't do dishes either.

These two are the bestest of buds and are excited to be part of a new family. Hopefully they’ll get to go together.

Yep, they are just about ready!