Friday, December 17, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - Taking Notes

Knowing I write about foster kitties on Fridays I spend my week taking notes on the babes so I have something to say. My weeks with solo Hans Solo are no different. Notes about his progress and about things we've done. Comparisons to other foster kitties who have come before him. But some weeks - like this one - those notes wind up being worthless.

On Monday, I was ready to make a video of the little guy. It was going to be of him climbing from his playpen and using a bridge to get to the couch. It was going to be just like my favorite video I've made of kittens, this one of the Yellowstone Crew:
But Hans Solo had another idea. He thought it best to sprint up the pen and run. Run fast like a cheetah. So fast I couldn't even capture the cuteness of him making his way across the bridge. Toss away those notes.

On Tuesday, I was ready to make sure I got plenty of pictures of him playing with toys. He was somewhat cooperative. Wrestling pictures? Check. We'll keep those notes. Playing with the wand toy pictures? The boy was too fast there, too.
Wednesday I thought I'd be able to share how much he loves the couch. How it's his favorite place to play and how I would soon be introducing him to the big playpen called the living room floor. Was he on the couch? For a brief moment.
Until he decided he should find out more about the air cast boot that lives on my foot. Yep, he decided he would get himself to the floor all by himself with no introduction needed from me. He's found the floor (and every single corner and nook and cranny) and thinks he owns it. Toss those couch notes out the window.
After Wednesday's not-on-the-couch adventures, I thought on Thursday we'd have some great things to share about his floor time. How it would be a couple days before he could get onto the furniture by himself. I don't know who was more surprised when this little face popped up from the side of my chair. Goodbye, draft Thursday notes.
But why did he choose my chair to climb into first? Kinda obvious, right? Not really...
On Friday, I found out there was more to the story. It wasn't me he was after. It was my notes!
Little Mr. Nosy had to get his nose into some of my other business on Friday, too. A pattern I'm writing for a quilt shop is in the works. 
Guess he's taking notes on me now.