Friday, December 10, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - Milestones

It was a little over six months ago when the Duck Tales Gang - Huey, Dewey, and Louie - had started out with a good week. They were hitting some milestones like moving into the pop ups and getting big enough for supervised play on the couch. But the fun ended when they were found to have ringworm and had to be isolated for the next several weeks. And I learned all about foster home biosecurity. 

It was also the week I was bragging about my Etsy shop taking off with me having sewn (and sold) 800 vaccination card holders. With my sales now approaching 4,000 I am reminded how much things change. And how much they remain the same.

Mr. Hans Solo/Mr. Milestone, what a guy you are becoming. For those who don't know, when he came into Simply Cats just three weeks ago he was cold, dirty, underweight, dehydrated, with low blood sugar and infected eyes. 

Poor Hans Solo 3 weeks ago.
Photo credit: Simply Cats

Two of his siblings were with me, but despite all our efforts – medications, IVs, tube feedings, glucose, and an incubator - they were so sick they didn’t make it. But by some miracle Hans Solo did.

With him being so much smaller than he should have been, the developmental milestones you would expect from a kitten were a bit off. But boy, the boy is making up for it now. This week was an exciting one for the little fella.

He learned the ways of Spiderman and climbed out of the pop up pens. 

He also learned he has one entire room of the tent devoted to a litter box. Let me tell ya, the boy knows how to use it.  (I'll spare you that picture.)

He got his first crack at supervised play on the couch. He learned how to be a mountain goat, climbing up and down the cushions.
He also practiced being a race horse, running back and forth from end to end. He then, of course, had to strut to show us what a beautiful breed he was.
He even found time to be a flamingo. Or maybe an ostrich?
Wait, this isn't sand?!
This is the week he started transitioning from formula to gruel. It's a mixture of jarred baby food, canned cat food, and kitten formula and gets him ready for real cat food. Gruel needs to be introduced slowly so his system has a chance to get used to the new stuff. But it can sometimes be confusing going back and forth between the two.
What? This was straight formula?
Look at the mess you made me make!
And now you're making me messy with gruel?
I'm so confused!
Fine, I'll use my own tongue to clean it up!
Delayed milestones? No need to worry about this dude!
See my beautiful paws? Don't you just want to take me home?
Can't have me yet. But soon, I promise.