Friday, May 7, 2021

Foster Kitten Friday - A New Edition

Yep, the day is officially here. It's a new edition of Foster Kitten Friday! 

Three little sweet orphaned kitties arrived this week. Three little kitties who were just born on Tuesday. And boy, are they little. 
And cute. 
And they look just alike. 

Right now the only way I can tell them apart is by the length and shape of their still-attached umbilical cords. Don't worry, umbilical cords are normal for kitties this age. They've dried up and will fall off soon.

Official names will come later, but because I can't tell one from the other right now we're going with:
*Stubby. Short and stubby cord.
*Curly. Curly cord.
*Longboard. A cord reaching past his(?) legs. 
See the top little kitty in the picture? That's Longboard.
Names, even temporary ones, are important at this age because I need to take daily weights to make sure they are gaining and not losing. 
Yeah, little one, I don't like to see my weight either.
They spend a lot of time sleeping at this age. Their preference is to be curled up together, and when one wanders away from the group I'll know about it because I'll hear it about it. They have all found their voice.
While two may be asleep, number three is looking to be reunited.
Eating is another pleasure for them. They need to be bottle fed every two hours - around the clock - so my phone alarm is set all night long to make sure they don't miss a meal. Somehow they think one hour forty five minutes is a better nighttime feeding schedule. Again, they let me know they are ready for an early buffet. Yep, nights are long around here. 
When was the last time you had a milk mustache both day and night?

The tiny bottle is bigger than these little foster babies.
Welcome to our home, little lambs!