Friday, February 12, 2021

Essential Supplies for Keeping Foster Kittens Warm and Comfortable - Foster Kitten Friday

After having spent several years fostering young kittens, there are some supplies I've come to rely on time and time again. From food to litter and bedding to toys, check out some of those important supplies you'll need when you welcome the little foster kittens into your home.

Today we're talking about those supplies to help keep the baby kitties warm and comfortable.

I've added links to Amazon so you can see photos and prices of the different products. I am a participant in their affiliate advertising program so if you make a purchase through my link I will earn a small commission. The purchase helps support me in purchasing replacement products for each year's foster kitties. I buy most all of my supplies from Amazon, but do get your supplies wherever is cheapest and easiest for you!

Supplies for Keeping Foster Kittens Warm and Comfortable

Wyatt, my foster kitten born with no back feet,
 slept wherever was easier to get to.
  • Pop up playpens keep kittens contained in the early stages when they need just a little space to roam. I've found connecting two playpens works even better as I can have a separate litter box room for them. There are several different types out there, but I really love my Jespet popups because they are bigger, sturdier, and easier to clean than some of the others.
It's a two room kitty cat camping tent!
We had to swaddle Dutton like a baby
to get the eye ointment in those little eyes.

We're not done with supplies yet! Join me in the upcoming weeks for:

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