Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Off We Go Again

I had no intention of sitting in an airport hotel by LAX right now.

After our amazing month-long cruise on the Sapphire Princess, I was quite content to come home and stay home for a bit. I wanted that cruise to stick in my memory for a while. I wanted to remember the friendly passengers and relaxed atmosphere. The adventurous ports and eye-opening learnings. The empty elevators and quiet pools.

But yet here we go again.

It started with the schedule E pulled out around Christmas time. The baseball schedule. (Seriously, who talks baseball in December? He does.) He was willing to give up a trip to San Diego and another one to New York to make a February Arizona baseball trip happen. And if the man wants a baseball game, you can bet I'm going to try and squeeze a cruise out of the same trip. While I would have preferred Hawaii or the Caribbean, the one he was most comfortable with (meaning less rough water and fewer flights) was one to Mexico. Since we don't do just one cruise, we had to tack on another. And another.

Guess it wound up being good timing on our part. Because wouldn’t you know it, a few minutes before we left for the airport this morning the snow started coming down. Hard and fast. We were more than happy to skedaddle at that point.
The view out the airplane window.
After de-icing. Yep, still snowing.
So after a Boise to Phoenix to LAX flight, (don't think I didn't consider leaving him behind in Phoenix!) here we are, spending the night in an airport hotel before making our way to the cruise port tomorrow. We're heading back to the Royal Princess for a while before we're off to Arizona for Mr. E's baseball trip.

I probably won’t sleep much tonight but I will be back tomorrow from the Royal Princess!