Thursday, October 3, 2019

Royal Princess Cabo Cruise - Last Sea Day

Here we go with our last sea day as we head back to San Pedro. We had a beautiful sunrise showing up outside our balcony this morning and even the Seawalk's colors got into the action.
We had our typical leisurely buffet breakfast out back on the Horizon Terrace, spent some time down at International Cafe, and made it by Princess Live just in time to watch Matt O' filming the Wake Show.

For those who don't know, the Wake Show is the TV show filmed every day that highlights the activities happening around the ship. Compared to the Wake Show filmed on other Princess ships, the one Matt O' films is in a league of its own. Matt is highly entertaining and the engagement and excitement he shows with his cohosts is just fun to watch. There is no script, and he certainly doesn't need one. If you are a passenger on a ship where Matt is the cruise director, definitely tune into the Wake Show!

Today's filming was for our first day of our next cruise. Here it is October 3 and he's having to get into the mood for October 5. We have a 10 day cruise coming up with several sea days and as we heard during the filming, the cruise is packed with activities. We also learned the passenger make up for the next cruise - 2,000 Platinum and Elites, 1,000 Ruby and Golds, and 800 newbies. 

We will be changing cabins tomorrow, heading from this regular mini suite to a handicap accessible one. There is this issue we've been facing. We had it last week on the Golden. We had it this week. And the cruise after this upcoming one we have it too. The issue is this:

Nice shower, right? Unfortunately it's a tub/shower combo and hubby can't get over the edge of the tub to get to the shower. So when we were on the Golden Princess for three days he couldn't shower. For the five days on this ship he couldn't shower. (Thank goodness we had one night on land in San Francisco where we had a stand-alone shower.) So to get 10 days out of 23 cruise days in a cabin where your spouse can actually take a shower? I am going to celebrate, for sure.

Today we went to the dining room for lunch. We typically don't go, but one of our crew member friends got moved from the buffet to the dining room so it's the only way we get to see her. I usually don't post menus either, but since we were there I grabbed a photo for you.

Nothing else too exciting to report. Maybe something will show up between now and bedtime. If so, I'll be sure to stop back and share.

San Pedro turnaround day tomorrow.